Vaginal and vulva laser revitalization – Aphrodite laser

The births and natural aging processes cause changes in the female body. These changes affect both our physical and mental health, which affects self-esteem and satisfaction with life. Aesthetic gynaecology comes in handy, which uses minimally invasive procedures to treat illnesses and solve problems that have so far required surgical treatment.

Aphrodite is an innovative endovaginal (vaginal) laser used to reduce the symptoms of the following conditions:

  • Vaginal atrophy

A common condition caused by hormonal changes caused by estrogen deficiency. Symptoms: vaginal dryness, inflammation, pain during and bleeding after intercourse, burning, itching, decreased vaginal elasticity.

  • Vaginal loosening syndrome (VRS) and the associated reduced sexual experience

VRS occurs most often after birth and during the menopause. It consists in the loss of optimal vaginal structure and tension and is a serious problem in intimate contacts.

  • Labioplasty of vulva lips

Asymmetry or too big a size of vulva lips can be not only an aesthetic but also functional problem for many women. They can have an impact on lowering self-acceptance and, consequently, on problems with coexistence.

  • Effortless urinary incontinence (WNM)

This problem affects a significant proportion of the female population, usually related to childbirth or to the passing of time. The vaginal walls are lowered, which reduces the pressure of the vagina on the urethra and as a result of, for example, physical effort or coughing, more or less urine is passed.

Thanks to the use of Aphrodite laser it is possible to thoroughly revitalize the mucous membrane and thus restore the natural vaginal pH. The laser acting thermally on the vaginal mucous membrane makes it tighter and better hydrated, which directly increases the sexual satisfaction.

The Aphrodite laser also enables the reduction of external intimate organs, providing a shorter healing time compared to classical surgical methods and reducing the discomfort associated with the procedure. In case of stress urinary incontinence, the laser can also be helpful. Its action affects the contraction of vaginal walls, it also increases its tension and flexibility, which increases its pressure towards the urethra and bladder.

Procedure and effects

The treatment is painless and takes about 15 minutes. During the procedure, the doctor uses a laser beam, which he introduces into the vagina causing shrinkage and stimulation of collagen fibers, so that the vaginal wall is strengthened and stiffened. Also the position of the urethra is corrected, restoring normal functioning of the urinary system. By shrinking the uterine bottom muscles, normal functioning of the urinary system is restored and the woman regains self-confidence and comfort of living. Immediately after the procedure the patient can return to her daily activities.

Revitalization of the scars after Caesarean section / incision, perineal rupture with Aphrodite laser

After childbirth, there is often an abnormal healing process due to inaccurate stitching of the wound, or abnormal healing due to secondary infection or suture propagation.

Laser correction of the scar after perineal incision/fracture or Caesarean section is a minimally invasive procedure involving controlled micro-damage of scar tissue by means of laser rays, which initiates the process of collagen fiber production and its reconstruction. Collagen fibres become shorter and thicker, which makes the scar smooth, shallow and additionally brighten up.

The procedure lasts about 15, minutes, is performed under local anesthesia, the patient can go home immediately after the procedure.