Our gynecological office in Wroclaw puts great emphasis on prevention and education, we promote modern medical standards in it. As a few of us, we provide midwife care both in prenatal education and pregnancy management for the National Health Fund. Every woman expecting a child will find here the right care and necessary support during pregnancy. We make every effort to ensure that, under the supervision of an experienced and well-matched team, the future mother can expect a solution in peace and safety.

We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of gynaecological diseases, performing diagnostic tests (cytology, microbiological swabs, HPV diagnostics, colposcopy, endometrial aspiration biopsy), treatments (laser revitalization of the vagina, vulva, scars after perineal incision, caesarean section, insertion and removal of intrauterine inserts) and in the conduct of pregnancy, an important element of which is prenatal diagnosis and performing ultrasound tests.