dr Tomasz Michalik

Gynaecologist Obstetrician

Doctor of Medical Sciences, gynaecologist-obstetrician specialist with over twenty years of experience in the obstetrics department of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic of the Medical Academy in Wrocław.

He obtained his doctoral degree by studying the causes of preterm birth. Author and co-author of 20 scientific papers. He continues to broaden his knowledge by participating in numerous national and international conferences on ultrasonography, colposcopy, uroginekology.

He has an FMF (Fetal Medicine Foundation) certificate from London, authorizing him to perform screening tests for chromosome aberrations between the eleventh and thirteenth week of pregnancy and full prenatal diagnosis of the fetus in subsequent trimesters of pregnancy.

For many years, he has been running a gynaecological-obstetrical office, with particular emphasis on fetal ultrasound.

Jolanta Petersen

Certified midwife

An experienced midwife who has practiced midwifery in the Scandinavian countries for most of her life. She gained her professional experience in Denmark, a university hospital and birth homes. For years she has been associated with the Well-born Association. In the clinic in a holistic way, she leads a physiological pregnancy to the NFZ.

Danuta Głowacka

Treatment Nurse

Treatment nurse with many years of experience and work experience, which she gained in hospitals in Wroclaw. In our clinic, she collects materials for diagnostic tests and has a certificate which entitles her to perform cytological tests under the Cervical Cancer Prevention Programme. Her invaluable support helps Patients feel comfortable during gynaecological procedures.